Affiliate Disclosure

For the sake of total transparency, we here at The Quest For Fitness are reminding fans that we use Affiliate Links throughout the site as a way to keep the site running and continue to offer you knowledge and product information for free.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate Links are a way for websites to offer direct links to product pages from other online stores websites like Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart. You’ve probably seen them all over the internet from all of your favourite websites, but many people refuse to disclose this information for readers to see.

When you click on an Affiliate Link, you’re sent to a merchant website to potentially purchase a product. If you do, the original site that sent you there will earn a small percentage of what you pay as a commission for helping attract new customers (at no cost to you).

What Does This Mean For You (The Customer)?

Honestly, nothing changes for the customer. You still pay the exact same price you normally would, and any commission paid by sites like Amazon, come out of their pocket – not yours. So you can feel safe knowing that it doesn’t affect you at all 🙂

What Does This Mean For The Quest For Fitness?

We can earn a small amount from purchases made through our recommendations, and ultimately keep the website up and running for all to benefit from. Don’t worry, commissions and such don’t affect the recommendations we make here. If a product is no good for consumers, we won’t suggest it regardless of any potential money to be made.

Cheers, and stay awesome!