Cellucor COR Performance Whey Review – Molten Chocolate

It’s been a good week so far! Hammering out workouts, chugging shakes, and just got a new order in from Bodybuilding.com recently too. I’ve had some time to check out and read up on a few of the products already and I’ve been pleasantly surprised already. The first one I want to take a crack at is the Cellucor COR Performance Whey protein. Why first? Simply because I’ve never had Cellucor protein before! Preworkout and whatnot is a different story, but this excites me so let’s go right at it.


So who is this Cellucor anyway?

Cellucor is an American Supplement and Nutrition company that has supplying the world with quality products for over 15 years. You have probably seen their stuff on the shelves at your local GNC or Wal-Mart, as they create a solid variety of goods for most nutrition and supplement goals. Need some pre-workout juice to get that essential boost? Maybe some creatine for the extra pump? Weight loss? How about some protein?

Like I need to explain to you future champions what protein is, haha.

But needless to say, they have it all. If you want to check out the website and learn more for yourself, click here. They also have the product catalog and a ton of other info there. You can see the athletes tied to the brand and get some fitness tips for free as well, but let’s hammer back onto the powder here before I get all sidetracked again.


Protein per serving? 24g – A pretty standard amount derived from a combination of protein isolate and protein concentrate.

BCAAs? 5.25g per serving to help encourage muscle growth and recovery.

Sodium? 180mg serving, good to know of course.

Artificial Sweeteners, color, flavors? Has some natural and artificial flavors, which happens to include some sucralose in case you have an eye out for that.

Something else to consider here, the nutrition is based on 2 full scoops as opposed to the usual 1. I accidentally mixed my first shake too thin because of it and almost gave it a bad review until I checked the label again.


I think the taste itself is pretty decent as far as chocolate goes, which if you know chocolate and vanilla protein powders, you know that they can be pretty jaaaanky (mainly the cheap brands). This one particular reminds me of the old Chocolate Nesquik powder if you mix it with cold milk – which is certainly more of a compliment if you’re asking me. It also reminds me of hot chocolate mix too, if that serves as a better reference point for you.

Anyhow, the bottom line is.. *drum roll*

Cellucor COR performance Whey passes the test! Well, the “Molten Chocolate” flavor does anyway. We shall see when I get a chance to try the other flavors if they hold up as well. I’ll link them in when I get to that point in my quest.


I thought overall it mixed fairly easily. These more milk based proteins always take a bit more effort than the juice-like versions, but even for two scoops it wasn’t too much trouble. I recommend (personally) to add a little extra liquid to mix it with, just because of the extra powder involved. You might not have an issue with it but I hate my shakes when they are too thick. Know what I’m saying?

So, smooth and rich is the bottom line here. A little thicker than some of the other kinds I’ve been drinking lately, but not quite as bad as, say, casein for example.


All in all it looks like the price seems pretty average as far as powders go, safely falling around the $1 per serving mark – slightly more or less depending on what kind of size jug you choose to buy. This puts it (at the time of writing) slightly below the MuscleTech Protein I recently reviewed in terms of value, but still cheaper to buy per serving than some other popular brands.

Where to Buy

For you wonderful individuals I have provided a couple links here. Go ahead and click on the respective banner or image to your preferred online storefront. Feel free to contrast and compare between them, read some user reviews, and make an informed decision. That’s what we’re all about here!


====> If Amazon is your favorite store, Click Here! <====


===> Bodybuilding.com more to your liking? Click Here! <===


At the end of the day, I’d say we have another decent choice as far as popular protein powders go. I really enjoyed the flavor, a bit more each time I tried it. The texture was smooth and it mixed quite well. And the price is set pretty fairly at the stores I usually shop at online.

What’s the downside? Takes 2 scoops per serving, haha. No not a big deal, but the concentrate and isolate blend (referred to as “matrix”) is not quite as pure as a straight iso. Also, some artificial flavors and a shot of sucralose are present here too. That all means more to some than others, but there it is in cased you missed it.

So what’s the damage, bro?

There you have it, another tasty protein tested and reviewed. If you liked what you read, or just want to support the site and what we do here at The Quest for Fitness, consider buying your next batch of supplements through one of our links above. As always, it’s no extra cost to you and it gives you direct links to several product pages so you can get the best deal overall.

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