How to Lose Weight in 1 Week – Kris Gethin’s 4Weeks2Shred

Today is a wonderful day indeed, marking the 7th day of my journey through the 4Weeks2Shred program, brought to you by the one and only Kris Gethin! You may have ended up here looking for a way to separate yourself from that unwanted weight fast, and for you I have a tried and true method. Read on while I go into details regarding how to lose weight in 1 week, and get you on the fast track to the shape you want to be in.

You may have heard of Kris Gethin in your own personal Quest for Fitness, as his name carries quite a bit of weight in the bodybuilding world. Kris Gethin is known for more than just lifting the weights however!

With a very respectable list of achievements like owning and running a gym, designing workout programs, certifying personal trainers (while also serving as one!), designing workout programs, writing books and more it’s a wonder how he finds the time.

This a quote right from the man himself. to see Kris’ profile on, click here:


 “My purpose in life is to help people improve their health, fitness, and performance goals through Kaged Muscle supplements, my ‘Knowledge and Mileage’ podcast, my published books, Kaged Muscle newsletters, online Video Trainers, and hacking people’s potential.” – Kris Gethin


Now I know from experience that kris in no joke. He’s a world class bodybuilder and personal trainer for sure, but before this week I haven’t actually tried out any of these Kris Gethin brand workouts. That being said, going in fresh and without bias is the best way, in my humble opinion of course.


The Full Body Experience

Over the past week, we have hit every part of the body with full intensity. Kris makes sure you’re getting a good going over and that any rest you get is going to be feel heavenly for sure.

The first day started with a solid series of Back and Bicep exercises, paired with a 30 minute cardio session and enough Twists to put the Tazmanian Devil himself to shame. It was a hard workout, leading to pretty much total exhaustion for my arms. I won’t play the hero, i felt like a giant bowl of Jello after that. But it was totally worth it.

Not to mention, that was only the morning workout. We still had the evening session to do!

The evening workout wasn’t anything too brutal on paper, but if you’re not used to doing 2 workouts in a single day this will be a challenge. But that’s what it’s all about right? Taking on the challenges and improving yourself is the name of the game here. Anyways, 30 more minutes of cardio and those bloody fail sets of Hanging Leg Raises.. yeah okay, those are miserable ha ha.

Beyond that first tough day, we actually hit a good rhythm over the rest of the week – conquering shoulders, triceps, legs, and chest also. Every muscle group got hit hard when the time came, and plenty of steady-state cardio rounded out the other half of each day. Sounds like a lot? I’ll break it down further.


No Rest for The Wicked

So the way that it works is, you’re going hard and heavy with the weights 4 days a week, and on each of those lifting days you’ll train a second time as well, but mainly just cardio and abdominals.

Then we have “Active Rest Days”, which is what we’ll be calling the other 3 days a week. This involves both Morning and Evening cardio sessions, lengthened for additional fat burning and paired with some other exercises. Phew!

So, 7 Days a Week.. and twice a day!? But that’s–

It’s tough, I know! But this a program designed to show you awesome results after only a month so there is going to be some hard work involved. Both in the gym and in the Kitchen, which brings me to my next point..


Don’t Forget About The Kitchen!

I’m a firm believer in spending as much time (if not more sometimes) in the Kitchen as the Gym itself. Ask any bodybuilder or most athletes in general, and you’ll find that the work done behind the scenes is super important.

Much like your car, for example, you can expect garbage results from using garbage as fuel.

A bold statement to say the least, but one that you’ll get preached at you by Mr. Gethin himself too. On that note though, I am pleased to point out that the program covers more than just the training in the gym, but the Nutrition and Supplement portions as well.

Kris also gives you example food plans and the basic knowledge you need to customize it yourself to meet your nutrition needs. We know here at the Quest for Fitness that one size does not fit all when it comes to food, thanks to allergies and whatnot.

There was even a Vegetarian food guide which I have used and adjusted for myself (still Vegetarian safe), and it turned out great!

Here’s one of the Kaged Muscle supplements that Kris talks about in the program. Click Here to see more Kaged Muscle products.



It gave me a good opportunity to test some new products this way, more reviews to come in the future.


All are Welcome Aboard!

I would like to point out that no matter your level of expertise in the gym, you can benefit greatly from this program. I almost called it a “workout” but it’s so much more than that! My wife and I have both been using the knowledge and training for the last week, and it has had massive results!

For myself, I have dropped roughly 5 lbs in the past 7 days! I know that it has some to do with burning off my winter fat, and some a result of my nutrition intake coming up a bit short here and there. But that’s life in a nutshell, not perfect but you make the most of it.

Also worth noting is that I have made a few mistakes along the way, misreading my instructions while I was in a rush and overdoing one of my workouts. Thankfully no injuries, but still a valuable lesson worth learning from.

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail” – Kris Gethin


Words of Wisdom from the coach himself.

My wife, who has been busier than a bee with work-related stuff, has been happy with her accomplishments as well. I’ve heard the joy from the next room over as she happily finds clothes fitting more comfortably than before.

Ah, the ol’ clothing looseness test. A classic!

That being said, guys if you’re reading this and you’re all about the weightlifting, don’t be afraid to invite your girlfriends and wives to try it with you. Working in pairs is great for morale, and we can always use a morale boost!


Here We Go Again

I’m pumped up and ready for another intense week of pushing myself and getting those results. Thanks to the program, I’ve gotten back to my roots as a cook and spent a lot of time in the kitchen again.

It’s a lot more affordable and fun than people seem to argue, especially when you see what it can do for your health!

Don’t eat anything you haven’t prepared yourself, or so I was taught with this program. It kind of reminds me of that documentary about the guy eating all the McDonalds food and wrecking his insides from it. Super Size Me? Something like that, anyways I’m rambling again.


My Parting Thoughts (Just for now)

On my Quest for Fitness, I plan to tackle as many programs like this as I can – for your benefit and my own! And being an informed consumer in this day and age is a very valuable thing. Even more so with all the misinformation out there on the internet!

If you want to check out more of Kris Gethin and his 4Weeks2Shred program go here.

For more great products and services, check out (banner below)


Thank you all for tuning in and I’ll be sure to have more updates over the next few weeks.

Train safely, everybody!

– Tyson

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