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At the time of writing, Summer is still going strong and getting your body ready for the beach is as popular a goal as ever.

Let me ask you: Are you happy with your Beach Body?

If not, then Beachbody (The brand) has your best interests in mind with the well-received INSANITY workout video program!

Shaun T and his team are going to get you up and moving like never before. With 10 high-energy workout DVDs to burn through, you’re going to start dropping weight and melting fat in a very short period of time. 


  • 10 Workout DVDs to get you that beach body you want!
  • Personal Trainer Shaun T shows you everything you need to know
  • Includes Fitness/Nutrition Guides and a Workout Calendar to keep you on track
  • No equipment required! Just find some space and go!
  • Beachbody offers 24/7 additional online support as well

The INSANITY program truly is the full package for anyone that needs a good home workout program. Not only are the workouts fully functional, but also quite challenging even if you are already in good shape.

There is a pretty heavy focus on cardio, plyometrics, and body resistance training during the workouts. This, paired with the fact that there is virtually no equipment required, means you’re good to go the second the DVD goes in. This further emphasizes the accessibility factor and cuts down the costs of having to buy a bunch of equipment to get started. Bonus points in my book!

Beyond the physical exercises, there is also a Nutrition Guide packed with useful information on what you should and shouldn’t eat. And if you’re anything like me, you know that the work done in the kitchen is equally important as the workouts themselves.

We also have a Fitness Guide and Workout Calendar present in the package. The Fitness Guide covers the main points on what to do, and the Calendar sets the path that you’ll be on. So that all being said, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed in this package.


Shaun T’s INSANITY program has over 3000 reviews on and is very well received, currently sporting a shiny 4.3 out of 5 stars. That’s definitely a very good rating!

While reading through various reviews online, I found a lot of in-depth testimonials from other satisfied customers. Many pounds have been lost and inches off the waist as well, which is exactly what this program guarantees you can achieve in 60 days.

And you will have those same results, but its based on both eating right AND doing the workouts – so don’t skip either or you’ll just be holding yourself back!

Also I’d like to point out that the program is definitely designed with weight loss and fat burning in mind, but not so much building muscle. You’ll be toning muscles for sure, but you won’t bulk up with these cardio-heavy exercises.

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I personally had a good time going through the INSANITY program. It was definitely one of the first home workout programs that I ever tackled, but far from the easiest – mostly because cardio was never my strong point! But that wasn’t an issue after a couple weeks of doing these crazy workouts. The Fit Tests that you do at regular intervals showed me that I was getting results, so I couldn’t argue with that.

Not to mention I was shedding my winter weight pretty quickly at the time, too!

I used INSANITY as a tool to help get myself back into shape before starting at a new gym. My roommates had purchased the program at the time and it was good opportunity for me to get back on the fitness train.

I ended up having the best results overall, losing some solid weight and improving my cardio dramatically. In fact, it was during my second month doing this program that I successfully ran my first 10km run. I’ve never been a great runner, but that to me was an amazing achievement.

My only beefs with the INSANITY program are the lack of strength building components (which it really isn’t designed for anyway), and the stress it can put on your joints. The intensity of the workouts is pretty high at all times, so it means a lot of impact inducing exercises like running in place, jumping, and other plyo-type stuff. 

If you’re on a concrete surface like I was, consider using good sneakers or some kind of mats to reduce the shock on your body. As a guy with tired knees and whatnot, my body appreciated any assistance I could provide to soften the impact. Something to consider!

So, all things considered I found it to be very good, Shaun T is an awesome motivator and the program overall is packed full of value, which is especially helpful if you’re new to working out and eating right.


Shaun T’s INSANITY workout video program is your one-stop-shop for getting back in shape and burning off those excess pounds. You’ll be panting and sweating, trying to catch your breath, and begging for it to be over at times. 

But you want results right? You have to work for it, and thankfully you have everything you need here in one convenient package. All the tools and knowledge at your fingertips, you just have to supply the guts, and you’ll have that beach body in no time.

So if you’re curious, hit up Amazon and read a few more reviews from other happy customers. And if you’ve tried this program already, I’d love to hear about it down below in the comments!

Have a great day everybody!

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