Kris Gethin’s 4 Weeks 2 Shred – 2019 Review

Looking for the next awesome workout to help you get shredded like never before? Worry not friend, World-Renowned Bodybuilder Kris Gethin has your best interests in mind!

4 Weeks 2 Shred is the next evolutionary step in a series of Kris Gethin workout programs. Taking the key points from earlier programs like DTP, 4 Weeks 2 Shred will have you feeling the pump like never before.

Who is Kris Gethin?

Kris is a professional bodybuilder, coach, writer, personal trainer, and co-founder of Gethin Gyms. He’s also served as an Editor-in-Chief at, and even has his own line of KAGED Muscle Sports Supplements.

When it comes to the world of bodybuilding, Kris has seen it all, and probably done most of it as well. He’s traveled the world and helped train countless others in his pursuit of health and fitness. 

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  • 1-2 workouts per day, 7 days a week for a full 28 days
  • Workouts are very detailed and intense (45-60 mins each)
  • Makes use of an active recovery system to keep you burning fat for longer
  • Includes full meal planner to get you eating right
  • Daily coaching and workout videos from Kris himself

If you’ve ever thought that lifting weights is easy, then this is the kind of workout program you need.

4 Weeks 2 Shred is the kind of program that breaks you down like a military bootcamp, with it’s 2x workouts per day and strict nutrition plan.

But after 28 days of blasting your muscles to the max, you’re going to feel like a brand new and improved version of yourself. 

You’ll be hitting all muscle groups with this program, focusing on isolated exercises as well as using compound exercises to maximize your gains. All the classics are here too – supersets, fail sets, steady rate cardio, and let’s not forget the twists.

KAGED Muscle – Fueling Your Body The Right Way

Throughout the workout program you’ll see reference to Kris’ own line of supplements, the KAGED Muscle products. He talks about BCAAs, Pre-workout, Intra-workout, Protein, and more pretty much right from the start.

You’ll be taught why all these supplements are important and what they do for your body. As for whether they’re 100% necessary, that’s still up for debate. If you have your own preferred brand of supplements, you can still go with those and enjoy the rest of the program.

Though I will say, the KAGED Muscle line of products has a serious commitment to quality assurance and ingredients, meaning you don’t have to be afraid of sketchy additives that put your health at risk. 

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From looking around the web and reading some other reviews, as well as testimonials on, I can see that feedback is quite good overall.

Many have praised the 4 Weeks 2 Shred program for its intensity and ability to help you burn off some excess fat.

The hard truth that I and others will say is that 4 weeks isn’t enough to get you shredded if you’re not already close. If you have fat to burn, you WILL burn some off, don’t get me wrong, but you likely won’t sculpt a 6 pack after only 4 weeks.

My Personal Take – 4.4/5 Stars

I know it’s mostly marketing with a name like that, but overall it’s actually a very good program. 

I followed the meal plan pretty strictly and was burning off extra weight quickly, but I also used this program to help get me back to the grind, so I did have a few pounds to lose anyway.

And by a few I mean that I lost about 17 lbs after it was all finished, and about ~1.5% body fat. So it definitely worked for me!

The program started off pretty normal, 1 solid workout per day, but after that Kris turns up the heat. You’ll soon hit 2 workouts on most days, doing lifting in the AM and cardio in the PM. It gets brutal, and I got pretty damn tired, but it was worth it.

I tell you, I was sleeping like a baby most nights after 2 sessions at the gym.

You will need access to a full gym for this program, unless you have crazy amounts of equipment at home. Kris makes use of all the muscles in your body so you’ll need more than just a set of dumbbells.

I admit, I skipped the carb reduction and loading phase in the 4th week because I don’t care about prepping for a photo shoot. I was just happy to have survived and burnt off some weight too.

Difficulty – Medium

4.4 out of 5 Stars


If you’re looking for a really well designed, full body workout experience and don’t mind hitting the gym 2x a day to make it happen, then this is for you.

Be warned, it will tire you out and send you home exhausted some days, but you’ll be much stronger in the end for it. 

And getting to see Kris get crushed by his own workouts in the daily video diary is always an awesome experience as well. It goes to show that he too is human, and not without limits.

So lastly, if you have any experience with this program or any others like it, leave me a comment down below! I would love to hear some more feedback from the audience, and I’m sure others will as well!

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  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Duration: 28 Days
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