Larabar Review – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bar

In the ever increasingly busy world we live in, what could be more important than convenience? Well often we sacrifice money for the sake of convenience, right? Or nutrition, which is also a hard pill to swallow.

So where do we look for the right answers, you ask? Do I have to pay lots to eat healthy yet again? Stay with me here, I got your back!

What I have here today is yet another product review for you all to benefit from, especially if you’re in the market for some cheap energy bars. But cheap only in so far as the price! No worries, your health is safe with me as always. Today’s review will be on the ever popular Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bar from the Larabar company.


Larabar keeps it simple and clean as usual with this one, having only 4 ingredients yet again. They seem to be quite good as far as sticking to the standard of fewer ingredients and keeping the junk out of your food. Check it out:

Dates, peanuts, semisweet choc. chips, sea salt. Simple and clean – and sure the chocolate chips have a couple sub-ingredients like cocoa butter and sugar, but you’ll be fine as the amounts are so small.

220 calories per bar and 110 from fats – It is a healthy dose of calories (energy) especially if you’re on the go or just short on time. The fat calories are okay too, don’t panic. Your body needs those clean fats too!

11g of fat? Again it’s nothing to be afraid of, largely from the peanuts which are helping you to meet your fitness goals with the clean fats. Also, there are no trans fats either, good stuff.

26g of carbs. Energy, energy, energy! For all of those watching your carb count – this might catch your attention, but remember that you still need good carbs like these.

19g of sugar. Mostly from the chocolate and the fruit too. It is a bit more than the first bar I reviewed (choc. chip cookie dough) but if I dare flaunt my opinion.. Worth it, totally. More on that in the taste section.

Other points worth mentioning: Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, Kosher, and made with fair trade chocolate. How does that fair on your healthy checklist? If you ask me it’s pretty awesome. I might not have many adamant needs as far as my own health is concerned, but it’s always worth pointing this stuff out. You never know who the readers may be, right?




Yes, this is the section that I really want to hit on today. The flavour really sets this apart from many other energy bars in the same category, and even more so in the peanut butter section. Why?

‘Cause despite the simplicity in the ingredients list, the flavour comes through beautifully! Peanut butter is taken to the next level, and done so safely. Isn’t it so weird though? So many products have had so many junky ingredients over the years and still manage to come out kinda.. blah?

Thankfully this not one of them! It’s a clean and simple take on the whole peanut butter and chocolate chip combo. Chocolate bleeds through nicely, providing a sweet but not overly sugary flavour profile that mixes and mingles with the peanuts. Neither of which is too overpowering, and the aftertaste is nice too! Phew!



So is it just delicious or is there a decent texture to the overall bar? I want to say “of course!”, but that is why you’re here right? Because you may not know that and seek to lean on this review for info (thanks for reading by the way!).

Texture in a nutshell (’cause peanuts, har har) is right along the lines of your standard Larabar experience. It’s soft and chewy which you may know already I am a big fan of. Less mess and less fuss right? But despite being a soft and chewy bar it somehow manages to not get all jammed in your teeth and whatnot. It might not seem like much, but goes to prove that many of those sticky sugars and chemicals are indeed absent.

So it tastes good and.. feels good? Well yes but that sounds sort of creepy. But yes you’ll like the taste and don’t have to make a mess all over yourself. Next we’ll check it out from a dollars and cents perspective:



I am going to say that across the board, my experience with these Larabar products has been quite good, But specifically worth mentioning is that you’re generally getting a good deal. Now I can’t speak on behalf of all the convenience stores and hole-in-the-wall shops out there, because their whole business model is about jacking up prices to crazy rates. But at your standard grocery store or pharmacy, they’re typically priced a bit lower.

Fun tip: Sometimes the best prices are online, quite often in my experience. I often use Amazon links as a good demonstration and generally a great price point.

Many energy and nutrition bars sit in the $1-$3 price range, and plenty even more than that unfortunately. I was once again getting a decent price myself at $1.50 as part of a batch that I grabbed for this review. Anything less is even better! So always shop around, as part of being an informed consumer. I will provide a few Amazon links below to help you not only find a good price, but there is also a wealth of info and reviews from many others:

5 pack of bars

10 pack of bars

16 pack of bars


Another Larabar product sampled, tested, and ultimately devoured by yours truly. It was delicious if I may be so bold, but more than that, nutritious too! I am quickly becooming a fan of these “Larabars” as a quick and tasty way to get some nutrients on the go. I carried a few in my backpack for the wife and myself after our day at the gym yesterday and it was of perfect execution I dare say! So yeah, toss a couple in your bookbag or purse and you’ll always have something to sustain you on the go, much like Clif bars or the like.

How we gonna score this thing anyway?



That all being said and done, I want to start by expressing thanks for reading my review. I have a lot of fun writing these and it helps me learn more about the products I use and the companies behind them. I ultimately hope it helps you, the readers, in the end, too! Without you guys and girls, this is basically an online diary, ha ha.

So go! Enjoy the great outdoors or get back to work or what have you, as long as you keep learning and keep your health in mind as you grow. Know that I approve of the suspect in question, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bar by Larabar, and that I will continue to seek down more products for us to examine.

Cheers and God Bless,


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