Meditation Blog: Meditation in the Shower

We’ve talked about Meditation on a couple different terms so far, but have you tried to meditate in the shower? It might be just what you need!

Hello folks and thanks for stopping by! It’s been a solid day 3 so far on my Quest for Meditation and I am slowly (but surely) starting to figure it out. I hope you all have been having a great week so far, ’cause we have a cool new trick that might make it even better! Yes – Shower Meditation!

But.. In the Shower, Really?

Absolutely, no joking going on here. Maybe you’ve seen it in old movies or martial arts type stuff – some dude meditating like an immovable boulder, drenched thanks to the pouring rain, a waterfall, etc.

That’s how I got the idea stuck in my head anyway, so let me know how you got drawn to this idea down below in the comments. But I digress, back to it!

One of the main reasons I was drawn to the idea of the shower is that, well, it’s like the rain but you can turn it on or off at any time. See, the rain is calming and soothing and that is the exact kind of sensation that you can really benefit from when you’re trying to meditate.

Relaxation is key, and the constant spray of water creates not only white noise to drown out the rest of the world, but feels really nice on the body. This helps you focus on yourself and hone your concentration while you try to avoid distractions around the house or otherwise.

Resources! Tools! Etc.

So I did stumble upon a handy little article on (if you haven’t been, check them out) all about getting your meditation on while in the shower OR the bath.

One of the keys things I want to highlight here is the consideration that you are giving towards your senses. A big part of meditating, or so I’ve read because I am no expert, is that you really want to use each sense (sight, smell, feel) to concentrate your attention.

If it helps, you should try to relax and calm your mind, and then go after each sense one at a time. Close your eyes and listen to the water as it sprays from the shower head and splashes off of various surfaces. Once you’ve got your focus on the sounds, start to lean towards the scent. Use your favorite soap, or something relaxing that has lavender in it.

It’s just an idea, but it is one that has been helping along in my meditative infancy.

Oh, and I have one more bonus tip for you guys and gals.

Level Up with Cold Showers!

I know I know.. cold showers suck, at least for most people anyway. I have actually got into the habit of switching over to cold showers a few days a week and it’s been quite nice!

Cold showers for one are very energizing, in so far as they’re like a good way to shock yourself awake! But man let me tell you it beats a cup of coffee any day of the week.

And I do like coffee like so many other Canadians, so that’s a big deal for me!

My piece of advice: Try a cold shower sometime. It’ll wake you up, give you energy, and help build self confidence too. And maybe down the road a little ways if you find yourself doing well with the cold, try meditating in it.

I tried today and it went pretty well I’d say, slowly dropping the temperature every couple minutes before re-engaging my concentration. A challenge for sure but something else to overcome in our respective journeys.

The Wrap Up

If you happening to be doing a 30 day challenge as well, or just meditating at all, or even have in the past I want to hear about it! Yes I’ve been doing all kinds of reading, watching video, and whatnot but I still want to know what you folks have to say!

We got a comments section just below, share your stories if you got ’em!

Anyways, train safe everybody!


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