MuscleTech Whey Protein Review (Vanilla Ice Cream)

In the wild world of protein powders (and nutritional supplements in general) there are just so many choices! What flavours should I avoid? What the heck are BCAAs? Is there a difference between Whey and Soy protein? Well I can’t answer all of the hard question, I will still provide what I consider a fairly detailed review of my latest “flavor of the month”.

Enter “Muscletech Premium Gold 100% Whey Protein! Vanilla Ice Cream is the flavor this time, Chocolate is coming soon once I get a bit further into the jug.

Yep, shopping for supplements can be a pretty intimidating thing. I’ve tried so many different kinds over the years and in all my experience I can say one thing in confidence – it’s not getting much easier to figure out! So as usual I am here, swooping in like the almighty eagle to supply you with what information I can muster up. This is a combination of my own experience (as always), and any other nutrition or scientific details I find through my research.

Alas, this may just be one of many Muscletech Protein Reviews on the web, but regardless I hope it helps you in some way. I’ll go through the details regarding nutrition, taste, texture, and cost/value in this review and as usual I’ll leave some links for you fine folks to check out.

Let’s get ‘er done!



I won’t go into it too deep as I have it all laid out right here, but I would like to get the highlights in at least. 24 grams of Protein is pretty standard as far as amounts go. However, it’s worth pointing out here that Muscletech prides itself on providing a very clean protein unlike some of the other brands that might be pumping junk into the mix.

This is advertised as a very clean protein and pure combination of whey isolate and peptides. Whey on its own is already considered the best and probably most popular form of protein. When you add whey peptides into the mix, you assist the body greatly with rapid-releasing amino acids into the blood. This is going to help you recover faster and train harder overall. Also isolating the protein from the carbs, fats, and lactose lets you get more of what you need and less of what you don’t.


Mmm-hm, yes sir this is some fine tasting vanilla powder. But also fine in texture, wow, but that is reserved for the next header. But why wait? Skip ahead if you just wanted to know if it was good, ’cause it is. Darn tasty. Yup.

But if I’m going to dig a little deeper, here’s what I have learned: It is very good under all manner of testing. What does that mean – Ever notice that your favorite protein powders only hold up in the right conditions? Some are good with water, some are desperate for milk, others are just awful all the same. I can say with confidence that the Vanilla Ice Cream flavour from Muscletech is great against all odds.

First off, if we try it with water it’s still decent but tastes “light”. It improves as you switch to milk, which accentuates the cream base that it provides. Delicious, delicious vanilla ice cream.

For the record I have also tried it in smoothie form by adding things like honey and peanut butter, or various kinds of fruit. It’s a pretty flexible flavor unlike many of the chocolate kinds out there.


So this is typically a pretty straitforward topic when it comes to protein powders (or mixable drinks in general), but I give this particular brand and flavour bonus points for its mixibility. I have hammered back so many bloody shakes of all kinds, whether it is preworkout, protein, creatine, or whatever else and it is worth mentioning that this stuff mixes great. I have mixed juice crystals that gave me a tougher time!

So as far as whey protein powder goes, this one is in the top 3 easiest to mix, for me at least. And out of the variety of flavours that MuscleTech offers, Vanilla is easier to stir or shake up than the chocolate alternatives and whatnot.


This stuff comes in at a good price point, usually under a $1 per serving which at the time of writing is a pretty solid value. Now I can’t speak for what it’s gonna be like 100 years from now, or how it varies per country, but as far as the US and Canada in concerned it’s a good deal.

I’m going to drop some links below for a couple very respectable online storefronts if you want to dig up some further info on said products. The product pages are always a great source for other user reviews as well. God bless the internet, sometimes.



Overall, how did the MuscleTech Premium Gold 100% Whey Protein Powder Vanilla Ice Cream flavour (phew that is one huge name) do overall? Very good I dare say! In a world with so much choice in your supplements, many good and bad of course, it’s always nice to see something as simple as Vanilla do well. Simplicity is often the best path in life – focus on the things you need, and try to whittle down the stuff you don’t.

How we gonna score this thing anyway?


Protein isolates like this are a staple in sports nutrition, and for good reason too. The lean protein content helps you build and repair your muscles faster, burn fat, and feel “full” for longer among other things. Everyone regardless of their level of athleticism can benefit from some protein in their diets. The amount depends more on your particular physique and lifestyle but again, probably a chit chat worth having between you and the doctor. Anyways, before I get started blabbing on again I’ll cut it off here.

Thanks for reading as always, and best of luck on your own Quest for Fitness!

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