Six Star Protein Review – Cookies and Cream

Hello one and all, and welcome to yet another product review where I go in scoop after scoop to get you guys the details. Today i have for you all a Six Star Whey Protein review, particularly the Cookies and Cream flavor.

If you stopped by just looking for where to buy this hot ticket item, skip straight down through the review and there’ll be some links to a few of the best deals I could find online. However, if you actually came for the full report, then read on fellow health entusiast!

Who is Six Star anyway?

Well to say the least I’m sure many of you have probably heard of Six Star before, by means of advertising or just shopping. They’re a pretty popular brand in the places I’ve shopped, like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • GNC 

To name a few for ya. Apparently they’ve won awards too, (as seen on the website) a Masters of American Taste Gold Medal! Sounds pretty impressive right? Also, it’s been shown that their own lab tested super protein-infused subjects have reported much greater gains in their overall strength training (based on a study they performed, more information on the website).

As far as selection goes they have a fairly healthy lineup of products to choose from too, such as:

  • Preworkout
  • Protein (whey and isolates)
  • Creatine
  • Testosterone boosters
  • BCAAs
  • And even a clothing line!

Like some of the other big brands out there, Six Star also has some pro athletes advertising and endorsing their product. Do the names Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski or Russell Westbrook ring any bells? There’s many others but I’m not here to get into all that right now. If you want to find out more about them, I’ll leave a link to the Six Star website here.


First and foremost, let’s get those Nutrition Facts up so we can take a closer look. Gimme a sec, I have to go find my reading glasses. Oh, here we go!

Protein per serving? 32g (Not the big “64” you see on the front label).

Now this I want to stop on for a brief moment because it’s something that genuinely bugs me. I find that typically protein powders, isolates and whatnot, tend to advertise the highlights for only 1 serving on the front of the container. What Six Star appears to be doing is giving you the numbers based on 2 servings instead.

This doesn’t seem that bad by itself, I know, but the fine print on this one is insanely small. Seriously check this out, haha.

I bet a lot of people fall for this kinda stuff thinking it’s some kind of super protein that doubles the nutritional value of the competition. Gotta read those labels carefully, eh?

BCAAs? 14.8 total – Also two servings or what guys?

Sodium? 240mg – a wee bit salty I think. Something to watch out for if you’re trying to carefully monitor your cardiovascular health.

Artificial Sweeteners, color, flavors? Has artificial flavors, yes, as well as sucralose for sweetening. But hey! No aspartame anyways, which is always good.

Side Note: There is a small portion of Creatine in here that is no doubt present but you have to look quite closely to find it. I myself support the use of Creatine, but I’m also aware of the various side effects it can have on your health. If you would like to know more about the effects of Creatine, check out this very detailed WebMD article here. In addition to that, I wrote an article on why it is important to stay hydrated – check it out here.


Oh maaaaaan, I just.. I really don’t know about this one. It wasn’t too bad the first time I tried it, or so I thought!

Yikes! And I really enjoy Cookies and Cream flavored stuff. When I close my eyes and take a swig, I envision a lonely Oreo cookie, rolling helplessly to its inevitable doom in a sink full of dishes. Now let’s say, hypothetically of course, that we take said Oreo out and resume munching away as if nothing happened.

Appetizing, am I right? No it really isn’t, and it bites ’cause like I said: Cookies and Cream is my jam. just not this time. And the sweetener can be a bit obvious in this one too.

– Not as delicious as advertised.


“Mixes instantly” they said, right on the container! Well ain’t that a bit of a stretch, because let’s face it, no protein powder mixes instantly. I see that all over the place with this or that product and it’s often pretty misleading.

Does it mix easily at least?

I’d say it’s pretty average on the mix times, to be honest. I’ve had some stuff (lookin’ at you Pure Protein) that almost led me to drive to my local home depot and toss it in the paint shaker. Thankfully this isn’t quite that bad, but I wouldn’t call it instant by any means.

Some say it clumps up a bit when you try to mix it, so you might want to put your best shaker on the case with this one.

Side Note: If you don’t have a dependable shaker bottle yet, allow me to suggest my 2 favorite bottles here and here. I especially love all the color options for the Blender Bottles, it’s a fun yet subtle way to express yourself at the gym or at work if you bring your shakes with you.

+/- Mixes about average, which is certainly slower than advertised.



I found that the value on it varies a fair bit depending on where you buy it from. Sometimes it comes in under par (below $1 per scoop) but other times a fair shot over that. And in one particular instance, buying in bulk was actually the more expensive option, haha. But overall it’s a pass because typically it was a decent value right up there with some other closely priced brands like Muscletech (which apparently also created the Six Star brand, huh, or so says the packaging).

+ Under a buck per serving most of the time, which works for me!

Where to Buy

I have a couple links for you lovely guys and gals, from some very reputable sources you’ll probably recognize:

—> If you shop on Amazon, Click Here <—

—> If you prefer then click here <—


I feel as though I was a little let down by this product, but mainly just on taste and texture. They advertise a great flavor selection over at Six Star, but I’ve had most of their lineup and a couple of these flavors are tough to choke back.

Six Star also preaches a pretty big game in the overall performance dept. by saying their athletes achieved 4x the results in their gains across a few weeks.

I myself have had a pretty solid go with the brand multiple times and under different conditions, but this my first time sitting down and hammering out a review on it. Though not a very in depth testimonial, I will say that it performed well for me back when I was training in Jiu-Jitsu. That kinda training puts your body through all sorts of misery, so a good source of protein is essential in your ability to grow and recover. Especially in recovery, goodness the agony of grappling!

It also has been doing well enough for me in my recent weight training too. I’m not quite showing the massive gains they advertise, but these aren’t perfect conditions nor was a “scientific” study done here. Also worth mentioning is that I’ve been using it lately under more shred-like conditions than mass gaining or power lifting.

So yeah I’d like to try it for a term under different conditions to see some other results.

And as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t mix all that “instantly”, but at a pretty average speed.

Our Score

Boom! And just like that we have ourselves another supplement tested and reviewed. I hope you guys learned something new here today, or at least had a relaxing read.

If you want to do some more reading, check out the various links up top, and feel free to comment below!

Remember to train safely, one life is all we have.



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