VIFUUR Quick Dry Barefoot In Water Sport Shoes

Summer is here in full swing, and for all your water sport needs have you ever given any thought to a good pair of water shoes?

Why you may ask? Well, I for one do not love a rocky, rough beach where it’s easy to step on broken shells or rocks. It hurts the feet!

And to remedy that, you might throw your shoes on and just tough it out. But why ruin a perfectly good pair of runners when you can go for something more suited for the task.

Enter Vifuur Water Sport Shoes!


  • Made from a lightweight, breathable, and flexible fabric material
  • Durable rubber soles to protect your feet
  • Comes in any size to meet your needs: Good for Men, Women, and Children
  • So many crazy awesome color options available!
  • Dries quickly!


Reception and customer feedback has been quite good! Currently, these shoes sit at a comfortable 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon after 3500+ reviews.

There are also hundreds of questions asked and answered, so there is a plethora of information on the store page.

Even if I was skeptical, at about $10 I think it’s definitely worth taking the plunge (Pun intended!)

So as always, if you’ve tried this product or have some additional knowledge of it just toss it down in the comments section. I live for the feedback.


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  • Brand: Vifuur
  • Product: Water Sport Shoes
  • Category: Equipment
  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • List Price: $9.88 - $13.68

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